Where Do You Smoke Cigars?

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There are countless articles about how to choose a great cigar for either everyday enjoyment or choosing something rare and unique for a celebration. What you don’t see as much is how to choose where you smoke cigars, which includes a discussion on where you shouldn’t. Here are a few tips on the subject that can make it a pleasant and enjoyable experience when you smoke cigars.

comfortable environment to smoke cigars

  • Is it permitted? As LSU players found out after winning the national title over Clemson, trying to smoke cigars in celebration in a locker room might not work out very well. While arrest was threatened, it didn’t happen, thankfully! Other than a bit of a scolding, the celebration continued, but you may not be so lucky if you smoke cigars in an area where it’s not allowed.
  • Consider others. It is well and good to smoke cigars among like-minded individuals who are also enjoying their favorite cigar. However, smoking around children or others who are sensitive to the second-hand smoke is strongly discouraged.
  • Consider the weather. If you cannot smoke cigars inside your home, be sure to plan around the weather or create a comfortable outdoor smoking area that is protected from temperature extremes, rain, snow, and other weather conditions.
  • Find a cigar lounge. An ideal option when you want to smoke cigars is to have a membership at a cigar lounge. You’ll be able to enjoy smoking indoors and make friends with others who enjoy the art of cigar smoking.

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