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Our cigar lounge and store give you the ideal place to find a wide variety of cigars and make new friends.

Like many others, JD and Bethany Miller found themselves sitting on the porch smoking their cigars, and with the smoke-free law in place, there wasn’t anywhere else to go. As is often the case while enjoying a cigar, conversation about important topics was part of the experience. Luckily it was a nice day, but they started debating what they would do when the winter chill came around again and wondered just how many others in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area were in the same boat. That is how the idea for Top Leaf Cigar Lounge came about.

About Top Leaf Cigar Lounge, Winston-Salem, NC

We envisioned a place where cigar smokers could meet and hang out together in a laid-back environment, and we wanted to be able to smoke indoors. After jumping through the proverbial hoops, we opened with little more than a humidor and a vision. Our vision included conversations and relationships, diversity and inclusion, and an eclectic collection of both highly recognizable and hard-to-find boutique cigars.

Today you will find more than 170 different facings of cigars for purchase. Our retail area is open to anyone over the age of 21. The lounge portion is open to ages 21 and older and is made possible by the support of our members. Membership can be purchased on a yearly, monthly, or daily basis. Our members can also avail themselves of our lounge for private events like birthday parties, girls/guys night out, engagement parties, bachelor parties, etc. While the idea for an indoor cigar lounge was a solution for enjoying a cigar indoors during times of inclement weather, we are confident you’ll find the cigars, comfort, and camaraderie to be like a home away from home any day of the year.