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How to Smoke Cigars Like a ProWouldn’t it be nice if the first time you did anything, you came across as polished and experienced? While there is no doubt that most things require a bit of trial and error before you become proficient, it doesn’t mean you can’t do your homework to eliminate the worst of the faux pas. If you have gotten an invitation to go to a cigar lounge, yet you have no idea how to smoke cigars, you might be reading this hoping for tips that will teach you how to smoke cigars like a pro. So, let’s get into it!

The first thing you’ll need to know if you are going to smoke cigars is how to choose the right one for you. Cigars are classified as mild, medium, or bold in relationship to how much nicotine they have. It is a good idea to choose a mild cigar if you have not smoked cigars before. Once you have become accustomed to cigars, you can go for a medium or bold cigar for the extra complexity these types provide.

The next thing to know is how to cut a cigar. It isn’t like taking a cigarette out of a pack and going straight to lighting it. You need to clip the end of it first. With that said, you should prepare to take a cigar clipper with you if you want to look like a pro. Using a knife or biting off the end will get the job done, but you will enjoy the cigar more if you use a cigar clipper.

So, you figure once you’ve gotten this far, it’s a simple matter of lighting it, right? Not so fast! There is something you need to know about how to do that task. If you are thinking of using the same lighter you use for cigarettes or even a match, you should know that isn’t the way to go. A match doesn’t stay lit long enough, and a standard lighter could affect the cigar’s flavor. Instead, go with a torch lighter to look like a pro and get the best overall experience.

The other thing to know is that you should hold the tip of the cigar above the flame and burn it just a touch before you inhale, taking care to give it an even burn and a bit of an orange glow. Speaking of inhaling – don’t. At least not at first. You should start with puffing to get it burning properly first. This is accomplished by drawing the smoke into your mouth and blowing it out. Once you are getting a nice white smoke, you can begin inhaling. Take your time with it and enjoy the flavor.

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