How to Smoke Cigars Politely

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How to Smoke Cigars PolitelyOur team at Top Leaf Cigar Lounge is passionate about cigars, and we want to help introduce more people to the art of cigar smoking. One key thing to keep in mind when smoking cigars, as well as smoking cigarettes, pipes, vapes, or anything else, is the way your smoke can affect the people around you. We encourage cigar fans to come smoke in our lounge for several reasons, and one of them is because you won’t have to worry about upsetting anyone who doesn’t enjoy the smell of cigar smoke while you’re here.

However, we also know you might want to smoke cigars in other settings, so here is a guide on how to do so politely and respectfully.

  • Ask First – When you want to smoke cigars somewhere other than a cigar lounge, always ask those around you if it’s okay. Some people can’t tolerate tobacco smoke, and many people also don’t want the smell in their homes.
  • Move Outside – We recommend moving outdoors whenever you want to smoke cigars when not at a cigar lounge or at home. This way, the cigar smoke will dissipate into the air instead of being trapped inside with your hosts or non-smoking guests. Smoking outdoors minimizes the risk of exposing others to second-hand smoke, and it prevents the scent of your cigar from lingering inside.
  • Move Away from Children – If you choose to smoke cigars in public, always make sure there are no children, pregnant women, or elders around you. These people are more vulnerable to the negative effects of smoke, so you shouldn’t put them at risk.