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There is no doubt that going to a cigar lounge to meet up with friends and to make new ones while among like-minded cigar enthusiasts can be a great way to network and relax. If one was to discuss the right way to conduct yourself at a cigar lounge, it could be summed up by simply saying to maintain the decorum of the type of cigar lounge you go to. While you should learn about any rules that they have, the rest of cigar lounge etiquette involves fitting in and treating others as you’d want to be treated, just as you would attempt to do at any gathering place.

Cigar Lounge Etiquette

The type of cigar lounge can factor into the equation. For example, a member-only lounge is likely to feel a bit different than a public one. The people who go to a private lounge may be a bit more close-knit, although regulars at a public cigar lounge can begin to feel like they are members of a private lounge, as well.

Another consideration is the overall feeling of the cigar lounge you go to. One might have a quiet atmosphere where there isn’t a great deal of social interaction. In this instance, etiquette would dictate refraining from approaching a stranger and striking up a conversation. On the other hand, at a more social cigar lounge, perhaps one with television screens and other entertainment, it would be perfectly acceptable to do so. There are also cigar lounges that have different areas, where some are more serene for relaxation and others are more conducive for socializing. Another note about cigar lounge etiquette is that it is a good idea to check beforehand to see if there is a dress code.

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