What NOT to Do at a Cigar Club

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Getting an invitation from a friend to join them at their member-only cigar club can be exciting, especially if you have never been to one before. You might also feel a bit nervous about what to expect. You don’t want to break any specified rules, but those are easy enough to learn ahead of time by contacting the cigar club or asking your friend for a copy of the rules. However, that shouldn’t be your only concern if you want to fit in. To help you out, here is an outline of some things not to do at a cigar club:

  • Don’t blow smoke into someone’s face.
  • Don’t overly handle cigars being sold in the store area of the club. This includes avoiding smelling or licking them.

What NOT to Do at a Cigar Club

  • Avoid letting your ashes drop on furniture or the floor.
  • Don’t smash out cigars in the ashtray.
  • In most cases, you should plan to purchase the cigar you’ll be smoking instead of bringing your own.
  • Know how to properly cut and light your cigar.
  • Don’t come off as a cigar snob. You can miss out on a great experience by being unwilling to try something new.
  • Don’t try to strike up conversation with someone who clearly wants to just relax.

A cigar club is a wonderful place to enjoy your passion for cigars in an environment with other like-minded individuals. The opportunity to meet up with friends or make some new ones makes membership at a cigar club a wise investment. At Top Leaf Cigar Lounge in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we believe our cigar lounge is your best bet, in part because we have an extensive variety of cigars. We offer one-day, monthly, and annual memberships. Call today if you would like more information.