I Don’t Have a Humidor, So How do I Store My Cigars?

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It can be so much fun to dive into the world of premium and rare cigars, but if you’ve been on the fence about buying something a bit more expensive than your every day brand because you don’t have a humidor, the good news is that there is a solution. Obviously, a humidor is going to be your best bet, but when you only deal with a few special cigars every now and then or get them as gifts, you might not want to make that investment, but you still want to keep your cigars fresh.

you still want to keep your cigars fresh

So, here’s what you do. Since you won’t have a humidor to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, you’re going to have to do the work yourself. First of all, if the cigars came in a plastic bag, be sure to leave them in there. This will give you at least a short period of freshness, such as a few days. If you need longer than that, consider humidity pouches offered by several manufacturers and leave your cigars at room temperature. If you want to forego the purchase of the pouches, you can create a similar environment by taking a small portion of a new kitchen sponge, soaking it with distilled water, and placing it in a plastic container with tight lid, along with your cigars. This is far from an exact science as too large of a sponge piece can over-humidify and too small won’t keep them fresh.

While there are other options for humidor, it truly is best to invest in one if you plan to continue enjoying the world of cigars. Just remember that the very worst thing to do is leave them in a plain wooden box that is not a humidor. No matter how beautiful and elaborate the box may be, it is nothing more than stylish and will allow humidity to dissipate far too quickly.

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