Choosing Your First Cigars

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Sometimes your first experience with cigars is when a friend shares one with you. The reality is that isn’t the best way to venture into smoking cigars, as there are some important things you need to know about choosing your first cigars.

Choosing Your First Cigars

The first thing to know is that there are many different types of cigars. You’ll need to consider size, shape, color, flavors, and strengths. One of the most critical things to understand is the difference between mild cigars and those that are medium to full-bodied. If you jump right into full-bodied cigars, instead of enjoying a slight buzz, you could find the experience unpleasant and become quite dizzy. Strength refers to the nicotine content, and it is best to begin with mild cigars when you are a newbie.

Another thing to consider is that cigars range considerably in price. Until you have become accustomed to smoking cigars, you may not be as appreciative of the nuances of an expensive cigar. This isn’t to say you can’t splurge for a special occasion or just for the fun of it, but know that you might not get quite the experience you hope for. The best thing to do is discuss what you are looking to experience with a cigar store professional who can guide you on your cigar smoking journey. It is also a great idea to obtain a cigar lounge membership so you can meet others who can share their experiences when they first began cigar smoking.

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