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We offer a cigar lounge so you can socialize with other men smoking cigars, as well as a retail store for obtaining everyday and rare cigars.

Men smoking cigars can be a rite of passage when a young man reaches the legal age of 21. It might also be something you fondly remember doing with your father or grandfather while sitting on the front porch watching the activity in your Winston-Salem, North Carolina neighborhood. Then again, you might be on that porch because the lady of the house simply won’t allow smoking in the house or you have children you don’t want to smoke around. That works out fine when the weather is nice, but when it isn’t or you want to join up and socialize with other men smoking cigars, your best option is a membership here at Top Leaf Cigar Lounge.

Men Smoking Cigars in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We not only have a large selection of more than 300 facings of cigars you can purchase, but also a comfortable lounge in which to enjoy them. Whether you are looking for an everyday quality cigar or something rarer and more unique, you’ll find what you are looking for, as we pride ourselves on having a wide variety from both well-known and boutique manufacturers. Our premium handmade boutique cigars come from countries known for excellent cigar products, such as the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and Ecuador.

If you would like to join other men smoking cigars in our cigar lounge, you can purchase a annual membership with or without a cigar locker. With comfortable leather chairs, tables, we can easily become your home away from home – your “front porch” in any kind of weather! Stop by today to learn more about our cigar lounge, retail store, and any upcoming events. Oh, and by the way, women who enjoy cigars are more than welcome, too!