What Makes ACID Cigars Unique?

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What Makes ACID Cigars Unique?Saying all cigars are the same because they’re just tobacco is like saying that all wines are the same because they’re just crushed grapes. There are so many nuances that make each and every cigar its own creation that you could spend a lifetime working your way through the many top brands and boutique offerings. When the Drew Estate introduced ACID cigars in 1999, little did they know that the uniqueness of them would gain such popularity. So, what makes ACID cigars unique? We’re glad you asked!

At the top of the list is that ACID cigars are infused with rare botanicals, spices, and exotic herbs to create a cigar-smoking experience unlike any other. Combine the unique flavor with an incredible array of options, including sizes, shapes, and wrapper colors, and every style of smoker is accommodated. You would be hard-pressed to not find a favorite among so many options in the ACID cigars line, including Kuba Kuba, Extra Ordinary Larry, Red Nasty, Purple Croqueta, Blondie Maduro, Deep Dish, and more. The fun is in trying each one to see which flavor comes out. It is like the cigar equivalent of a kaleidoscope!

If you would like to learn for yourself what makes ACID cigars unique, stop by and see us at Top Leaf Cigar Lounge in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Drew Estate cigars, including their ACID line, are just one of the many top brands and boutique options that we have to offer. Buy one to take home or sit and smoke for a bit in our lounge with other cigar lovers.