Tips for Cleansing Your Palate Before Cigar Smoking

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It happens to everyone – you get out your favorite cigar and enjoy tasting the different notes only for it to taste completely differently the next time you light and enjoy another one. If you enjoy smoking premium, hand-rolled cigars, but they keep tasting differently, you may be experiencing olfactory fatigue from regular cigar smoking.

Tips for Cleansing Your Palate Before Cigar Smoking

To experience the fullest flavor possible from your cigars, you need to cleanse your palate before smoking. Keep in mind that what you smell, eat, and drink in the environment you’re in can affect how your cigar tastes when you sit down to enjoy it.

One of the simplest ways to cleanse your palate before cigar smoking is to drink a glass of room temperature water. This will refresh and hydrate your taste buds. If possible, try to find some sparkling water to drink at room temperature. Not only will it hydrate your mouth, but the carbonation in the water will stimulate your tongue, prepping your taste buds to receive a wider range of flavors.

Another great beverage to drink before cigar smoking is a cup of coffee. When you drink coffee, the acidity in this beverage eliminates any flavors lingering in your mouth. Drink your coffee black before you smoke a cigar – any milk or cream you add can coat your tongue and mess with the way your cigars taste.

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