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Some cigars fall into the “everyday smokes” category, while others are boutique blends or even premium blends that you might save for a special celebration or enjoy on a more limited basis. And then, there are the unique ones that have an interesting story, perhaps about how they are made, who makes them, or some other trait that sets them apart. Here are a few examples of cigars with an interesting story.

smoking cigars is a well-engrained practice

  • Line of Duty Cigars– The interesting story about these cigars is that the company is led by a retired New York City police detective who donates a portion of the sales to military, police, firefighter, and EMS charities. They just happen to be really fine Nicaraguan cigars besides!
  • Toscano– Looking for a unique look? Then these famous Italian cigars and their slightly crooked stick could be right up your alley.
  • Arturo Fuente– While it isn’t uncommon for cigar makers to pass down their passion to the next generation, with this company, father and son work together to create signature blends in the Dominican Republic.
  • My Father- This is another example of cigars crafted by a father-and-son team; this time in the traditional Cuban entubado-style bunching.
  • Hiram and Solomon– The practice of smoking cigars is a well-engrained practice and tradition for before and after Brethren gatherings, so it comes as no surprise that a Brethren and a Brother would join up to create cigars for their fellow Freemason smokers. Each cigar bears the Masonic Emblem.

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