Back with the Black

May 18 from 2 until 6

Back with the Black! 

Stacey and Bethany are back from Nicaragua with the goods! Join us this Saturday as we share our stories, a few recipes that we picked up, and of course the Black Label Trading Company Factory Exclusive Cigars!

Mills will be manning the grill. Stacey has perfected the chimichurri sauce, and jalapeno hot sauce from Estelli.  

Old Nick Williams treats. 

Post your patch, check in, tag us for raffle tickets! 



Member Specials:

Buy a Yearly membership, get 4 exclusive cigars. 1 of each Shere Khan, Neon Tiger, Misfit, and Fiend

Buy any box of Black Label Cigars, pick 2 exclusives  

Buy any 10 Black Label Cigars,  pick 1 exclusive  



Raffle ticket for each cigar purchase.

Raffle ticket for each post,tag,check in

Purchase Raffle Ticket for $1

Raffles are as follows: 

Xicar BLTC cutter

Black and White BLTC hat

Black BLTC hat

Shere Khan Shirt

5 pack of Strychnine  




See you Saturday  


Bethany Miller