2018 Top 10 Most Popular Cigars at Top Leaf Cigar Lounge

2018 Top 10 Most Popular Cigars at Top Leaf Cigar Lounge

Well, we have just clipped the cap and roasted the foot, but before we light up 2019, we still need to empty the ash trays of 2018. 

After some number crunching, here are the Top 10 Best Sellers for 2018.  While this list is does not reflect what our members think are the best cigars we carry, it does represent the top 10 most purchased cigars.  So, here goes:

10. Fat Bottom Betty.   Made for Deadwood Cigars by Drew Estates, a Nicaraguan puro with notes of chocolate, dried fruit, earth, cream and classic sweetened tobacco.

9. Flor de las Antillas.  Boasting a 96 rating, this 2012 Cigar of the year from My Father Cigars is as good as it gets. 

8. Acid Kuba Kuba.  The appearance of an infused cigar on this list can only mean there are many more hipster/millennials in Winston-Salem than we thought, or some of our members are not being upfront about their cigar preferences (at least they are embarrassed enough to not smoke these in the lounge!).

7. Avo Synchro.  A Nicaraguan-Dominican blend in a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper. A bit fuller bodied than you would expect from Avo  Uvezian and the master blender of Davidoff cigars, Henke Kelne, but still plenty mellow with notes of coffee, pepper, and cedar.

6. Ciseron by Oscar Valladeres.  The first of three form Oscar Valladeres on our list.  This work of art is perhaps one of the more complex cigars in our humidor.  Each third is a separate adventure in pepper, nuts, cedar, and vanilla in different combinations.

5. Something Special.  The fact that this cigar (and in fact the whole Felix Assouline line) was a mid-year addition to our humidor is a testament to the quality of this cigar.  A delicious, medium to full bodied cigar.  Habano Criollo 98 wrapper, Indonesian binder, and long-leaf filler blended with tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras typifies the blending mastery found in this entire line.

4. Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial.  Another 90+ rated cigar from the Garcia Family (Jaime is Don Pepin’s son).  A broadleaf maduro wrapper surrounding Nicaraguan long-leaf filler. On the fuller side, but smooth and layered with notes of espresso, pepper, earth, and cedar.

3. Omar Ortez Original.  It should surprise no one this “value” cigar made the Top Ten Best Sellers.  Built by General Cigars back in the 90’s to compete with Rocky Edge, this cigar delivers a smooth, solid smoke.  Not the most complex cigar you will ever smoke, but a consistent, long burning experience.

2. The Leaf by Oscar Valladeres.  A collaboration between Oscar Valladeres and Island Jim, this mild bodied cigar comes in Connecticut, Maduro, Sumatra, and Corojo wrappers.  Just remember to unwrap the “Top Leaf” before lighting up!

1. 2012 by Oscar Valladeres.  Good thing the Mayans got the whole, “The World is ending in 2012” thing wrong or we would not have this fabulous cigar.  A core of Honduran and Nicaraguan filler & binder tobaccos sharply pressed, Cuban-style, in three different wrappers - Connecticut, Corojo, and Maduro - 2012 by Oscar cigars serve up creamy-smooth, perfectly-balanced banquet of flavor.  The 2012 topping our 2018 Best Sellers list is a testament to the great taste and sophistication of our members!