La Aurora Blending Seminar March 24, 2018 from 5-8pm

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Manuel Inoa, the Master Blender for La Aurora Cigars, will share information about
the different types of tobacco and how to recognize them by the flavors and notes as well as the different type of leaves on a tobacco plant which depends on where they are situated on the plant. Participants will smoke pure grade cigars ( the cigar wrapper, binder and filler all come from one plant, the same country and the same cut of tobacco from the plant) which are non-blended and unbalanced. These pure grades allow the participants to recognize the notes and taste of the countries that the tobacco comes from. The Pure Grades all make up the components of the last cigar smoked, the La Aurora ADN,..which means DNA in English. The final cigar allows all participants to realize what a balanced and blended cigar tastes like and gives them a better appreciation for how the cigar manufacturing process all comes together with the finished product. .

Manuel complements his seminar with video and pictures and is open to and encourages questions during the entire event.

Cost of the Event is $40. PLEASE RSVP as we need a minimum of participants to host the event.


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